Au Fil de la Famille Brisepierre

Les Ateliers BriZepierre, art and craftsmanship studios nestled in the heart of the Alpilles, began with Pascaline, a master cabinetmaker, and Hervé, a landscape artist. They are now joined by Kilian, a mechanical engineering engineer. Guided by their finesse, they bring a refined elegance to the creations they work on as if they were high-fashion pieces.

From this family combination of complementary skills and universes emerges a common creative spirit: to enhance nature and the ancestral memory of wood, a unique ode to life.

Deeply respectful of the environment, this family of creators only uses precious wood species, rare and abandoned, to offer them a second destiny. Guided by the philosophy of ‘Wabi-Sabi,’ the imperfections, cracks, veins, and burls of the wood take on meaning, enhanced by their expert hands.

From this expression of the beauty of imperfect and impermanent things, objects and furniture are born, gathered in poetic and dreamlike collections. They create and personalize inspiring and vibrant spaces, true adornments for interiors.

Hervé BriZepierre: Inventor of Wood Jewelry

Born in Casablanca, where he spent his early years, Hervé Brisepierre returned to France at the age of 8, discovering the nostalgia of a country that had filled his childhood dreams. Animated by the colors, scents, craftsmanship, and contrasts of landscapes, he found an endless source of inspiration in this country.

After investing in garden creation, plant cultivation, and the collection of industrial materials, his keen observation and deep respect for nature led him to choose a form of expression.

“My material of expression is wood, evoking the life of the tree in its environment, the fiber that takes directions with the wind, sun, rain; with the rhythm of the seasons that densify it and depending on the accidents that dig, flash, shape it…”

The artist explores the mysteries of wood by incorporating various elements, thus telling a story that evokes the transition from nature to culture. His art, independent of artistic movements, expresses the freedom and sustainability of life, offering a new form of artistic expression rooted in our daily lives, captivating viewers who get lost in its details and immerse themselves in this creative alchemy.

Pascaline BriZepierre: Master Cabinetmaker

Pascaline Brisepierre, a master cabinetmaker with over 40 years of experience, has traced her path since her childhood in Casablanca. Her passion led her to train with the ‘compagnons du devoir’ (companions of duty) before embarking on her own journey throughout France. She began her journey in Italy and continued it within renowned French companies. It was in the heart of the Alpilles in Provence that she established her workshop, the birthplace of wood jewelry.

The history of wood jewelry took shape when Hervé joined her workshop. Pascaline was quickly drawn to this new form of art, and with the precision and experience gained over the years, she also created her own works, contributing to the development of this exceptional art

Kilian BriZepierre: Art Engineer

Kilian is a former engineer in underwater and aerospace robotics, passionate about innovation and craftsmanship. He decided to return to his childhood land, the Alpilles, and create the entity Les Ateliers Brizepierre with the help of his sister Morgane. During their childhood, Kilian and Morgane participated in the creation of artworks, nurturing their artistic talents and inspiring them to develop the first two collections of the workshops: Joyau and Savane.

Drawing on his engineering experience, Kilian brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the creations, constantly seeking the right balance between modernity and authenticity. Today, at the helm of Les Ateliers BriZepierre, which is a collaboration between an artist, a cabinetmaker, and an engineer, he infuses new energy into the collections of objects that transcend the boundaries of art and craftsmanship.


Published on 09/10/2023 Contrary to what their surname might suggest, at the Brisepierre family, they don’t work with stone, but with wood! Their craftsmanship is unique, as they are wood jewelers. To add light and brilliance to this material, they combine it with metal or mother-of-pearl to create works of art capable of withstanding the test of time.

Presented by: Marine Vignes, Laurent Romejko

Published on 11/12/2023 

The stunning creations by Ateliers BriZepierre are always driven by a deep respect for the uniqueness of the each piece of wood and its delicate enhancement. Every item is considered and treated as an individual masterpiece. This involves a quest for rare and precious materials, followed by the transformation of wood through the imaginative visions of their creators. The result is nothing short of pure marvels!

Our Philosophy

Logo du Z de Brizepierre

"Haute Couture" Design

The creations of Les Ateliers BriZepierre are guided by a quest: ‘HAUTE COUTURE’ DESIGN. Each piece of wood is adorned with precious ornaments in consideration of its essence. The pieces are all unique, signed, and prepared in dreamlike collections.

Présentation incrustation laiton sur oeuf en citronnier
Logo du Z de Brizepierre

Positive Vision

Sensitive, sincere, and sublime nature is at the heart of our creation; this quest for balance between aesthetics and responsibility drives us and guides our hands, thus dictating our POSITIVE VISION in line with our times.

Logo du Z de Brizepierre

Virtuous Manufacturing

In addition to stylistic reflection, excellent craftsmanship, and the search for rare and precious materials, there is VIRTUOUS MANUFACTURING; from the idea to its conception to its packaging. We adorn only wood offcuts and inlay them with materials collected over time, to which we offer a second destiny.

corneS n&b

Our Signature

Logo du Z de Brizepierre

Signature : BriZepierre

The last name “Brisepierre” is spelled with an “S,” but while exploring our family tree, Hervé discovered a branch of our family where the name was spelled “Brizepierre.” Symbolically, it represents inlaying in wood, or wood jewelry. This is how BriZepierre became the artistic name of Hervé and Pascaline, and each of their works bears a unique inlaid signature.

Logo du Z de Brizepierre

The Z Punch

Symbolically, in relation to wood jewelry, the “Z” is a hallmark that comes from the logo of Les Ateliers Brizepierre, created by Kilian and Morgane. It represents their history and their work. They sign each of their creations with this stamped brass hallmark “Z”, the letter of its collection: “J” for the Joyau collection, “S” for the Savane collection, followed by its number.

This inlaid “Z” symbolizes their constant desire to add a unique touch to each creation, and it represents their commitment to the art of inlaying in wood.


Celestial Interlude
At Domaine de Manville

Les Ateliers BriZepierre organized the first Parenthèse Céleste, in collaboration with the Domaine de Manville, the 5* hotel in Les Baux-de-Provence.

This event brought together 10 renowned artists and artisans in an exceptional setting. Unique and grandiose pieces were staged in an enchanting setting, conceived and created by Les Ateliers BriZepierre.

A famous sculptor from Paris, a silver blacksmith, a poet calligrapher artist, a feather artist, metal sculptors, and wood jewelry artists:

BriZepierre – Sylvie Mangaud – Jacques Moniquet – Francis Guerrier – Marie Guerrier – Stéphane Guiran – Philippe Chazot – Ji Dahai – Lydia Kalis – Prune Faux

Parenthèse aux Ateliers

Every summer and during the Christmas season, Les Ateliers Brizepierre warmly invite you to experience something unique. Dive into the heart of our artistic world by participating in our open house events, where we will unveil our creations in their manufacturing context. Come and discover the art of wood jewelry during a friendly moment.