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From a single slice of wood, we create interior jewels.
From a sublime piece of life, they become unique.


A New Art: Wood Jewelry​

A New Art: Wood Jewelry

Wood jewelry is a unique and innovative art form, invented by Hervé in collaboration with Pascaline. It represents a fusion of several crafts: artisanship, cabinet making, and jewelry.

Everything starts with the search for exceptional woods, carrying a story, with natural characteristics such as veins, cracks, and imperfections, which will be interpreted and filled with precious materials.

It’s a process of inlaying textures and colors, a creative interaction between the wood and the artist, thereby enhancing the expression of nature.

The possibilities are endless due to the diversity of available materials.

Artisanal and Virtuous Manufacturing

Les Ateliers BriZepierre adopt a virtuous manufacturing process by sourcing exceptional wood from across France. They collaborate with landscapers, pruners, arborists, and foresters to reclaim neglected wood. Most inlay materials are found in flea markets or obtained from jewelers, luthiers, cutlers, and other artisan craftsmen. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional cabinet-making tools and vintage machines, without any automation, to stay true to the material.

Artisanal and Virtuous Manufacturing

Tournage sur bois - Les Ateliers BriZepierre - artisanat d'art

The High Fashion Style

Carré joyau détail sur les veines et les craquelures du bois pour démontrer l'art BriZepierre. Cette art peut s'assimiler au wabi-sabi

The essence of Les Ateliers Brizepierre’s creations lies in honoring the uniqueness of wood and its sensory qualities. Each piece is individually crafted, incorporating rare and precious materials to enhance the wood’s natural beauty through the imaginative visions of the creators. Their haute couture style reflects in bespoke designs tailored for individual interiors, echoing the belief that each piece of wood, like every human, is unique and tells its own story through its fibers, colors, veins, and textures.

Bespoke Designs

In collaboration with Roche Bobois Antibes, Les Ateliers Brizepierre created eight continuous and unique elm panels inlaid with silver metal to customize the Courchevel headboard.

Les Ateliers Brizepierre decorated two rooms in a 4-star hotel in Les Baux de Provence using pear and local ash wood to create a unique and authentic ambiance. The wood is soft, and its texture creates a warm and elegant atmosphere. In these rooms, they crafted the headboards and their shelves, a console, and a mirror. Artworks are also on display in the common living spaces.

This is the largest table made by Les Ateliers Brizepierre. It measures 7.47 meters in length and 1.20 meters in width, showcasing its grandeur and splendor. Made of two symmetrical plane tree slabs inlaid with silver metal, the table is a prominent feature at the Moulin de la Coquille in Fontvieille.