In our Jewel Collection, we carefully select trees with stories, enhancing wood imperfections to enrich its history by pairing it with metals. The result is an object that is both mysterious and chimerical. Each piece, whether decorative works or highly personalized furniture, embodies a fascinating dialogue between the wood's history and our enhancement work. These inlays turn our creations into true interior jewels, what we like to call wood jewelry.
« Ton cœur dit à mon âme :
Sertir, incruster la nature
Et ses essences deviennent – Joyaux d’Intérieur –
Mon ciseau dit à tes fibres, à tes veines,
les couleurs chatoyantes des sentiers poétiques de la Provence.
- Sculpter pour incruster l’imaginaire.
Et ton cœur devient l’écrin de ma pensée - »

"Your heart says to my soul:
Set, inlay nature
And its essences become – Interior Jewels –
My chisel speaks to your fibers, your veins,
the shimmering colors of Provence's poetic paths.
To sculpt is to inlay the imagination.
And your heart becomes the case of my thought -"